Proven Process

The process of which software is developed is the single most important asset in delivering the correct and overall solution to the customer. TAOS has derived internal and external systems that are second to none. For our customers, TAOS provides project portals that allows customers to see overall progress on any software development, product enhancement, defect tracking and budget tracking. Also, the portal allows the customer to interact with the development and project team at any time. System generated reports are sent to the customer at their desired intervals, which shows daily and weekly progress reports and budgeting reports. Along with these standard reports, customer can request defined project reports. This is an essential element to our process and success in delivering what is expected from the customer. TAOS also provides a secure document library that allows customers to review up-to-date documents along with revisions made to each document. Internally,

Proven Teams

TAOS developers and project management teams uses a software system to track daily progress by developers, overall project tracking, milestones, QA results and defect tracking, and enhancements requests made by the customer. Change Requests and product enhancements are tracked within this system to reflect delivery date and budget impacts. TAOS's internal systems detects deficiencies in development and defect ratio. This allows project manager to make adjustments proactively before an impact occurs on the schedule.

The process by which TAOS develops software has taken years to perfect has proven its worth to the customer and the solutions we deliver to our customer. TAOS is committed to this process and does not deviate away from the process at any time. Each project taken by TAOS is equipped with development personnel with the necessary skills for delivery, while our experienced project management team regulates the development process. Our customer references prove that TAOS can deliver.

Proven Success

TAOS rapidly delivers application development, application management, IT consulting, strategic information management solutions and staff augmentation with minimum risk. What makes us different? Our track record and rich experience allow us to leverage our proven methods, best practices and repeatable components. They help us accelerate development and delivery of application solutions.

- Proven track record of developing and managing software and providing IT consulting.

- Established methodology and practices to lower risks and accelerate time to delivery.

- Expertise in all phases of development, implementation and support.

- Strong investment in continuous training and certification of best professionals in industry.

-Satisfied clients and successful applications.